An induced birth during the pandemic

After a 3 day induction I was taken to labour ward. My partner almost was not allowed on the ward as his temp was slightly high after rushing through the hospital to be with me.

Whilst my partner was outside trying to cool down before his final temperature check to decide if he will be allowed to attend the midwife told me time was getting on and she would like to break my waters. I consented and she attempted this but wasn’t able.

She called in the doctor who raised the bed to his eye level, put my legs in stirrups and instantly told me to use gas and air. I could feel him give me a very painful sweep and stretch during this examination, something I’d declined throughout my induction and last weeks of pregnancy. It was very painful but my waters were broken.

Contractions began and I had lovely midwives throughout. I was terrified of having to have an episiotomy and an instrumental birth, I had been in labour for 18 hours and baby was not moving down the birth canal. I begged for a c section, they said it was too late but I was given a further 2 hours to try and birth naturally. Baby was not coming down far enough.

I could hear the doctor waiting outside the door to come back in once my 2 hours was up, about 8 people rushed in leaving the door open and I was on the bed my legs in stirrups on a bed raised eye level to the doctor. No one covered me. I cried and begged them not to cut me. The doctor and midwife promised me they would do nothing without letting me know. I was injected with anaesthesia and my partner watched the midwives face drop as she could see the doctor cutting me – without telling me and without my consent.

My baby was born after via ventouse, the doctor cut her cord instantly despite us saying my partner was going to. I held my baby for 30 seconds and she was taken to special care. The doctor stitched me up and put his finger into my anus to check inside, again without my consent. I felt like a piece of meat. We weren’t allowed to hold our baby until I had a negative COVID-19 test over 24 hours later.

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