As I Was Crying

Hi, thank you for highlighting these issues.

While aiming for a VBAC with my second baby I was transferred to the labour ward at 9cm and got into the pool.

I told them I felt my body pushing and was told I wasn’t allowed to push until they’d confirmed I was 10cm as I could harm my baby if my body wasn’t ready.

I eventually got out of the pool and was checked to be told I was 10cm but she was still really high up so they could give me an epidural and break my waters.

I declined and asked for a caesarean as the experience I had hoped for seemed out of the window by then. I eventually agreed to the epidural even though I didn’t want one as I knew it would be easier to prep for c-section and once the epidural kicked in they agreed I could go for a section.

Before signing off the doctor told me I wouldn’t be allowed to have a natural birth if I ever wanted another and she made me confirm I understood this before it went ahead.

This was at the Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh.

I can’t even think of any examples from my first experience as it was so traumatising. My first midwifes appt with my second she debriefed my first labour and while I was crying I tried to ask a question and she told me to stop interrupting her.

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