I Didn’t Need To Push

After being laughed at and told I wouldn’t be birthing that night to being checked , 5/6cm & blue lighted to a consultant led ward, strapped to a monitor and placed on a bed within the hour, the midwife spent the rest of the time with her back to me doing paper work.

A Public Voice For All The Hidden Victims

Anything that blows the lid open on this whole unsavoury business is a good thing and They Said To Me is making an important contribution. I hope more and more comments will be tagged to the service that spawned them so that services can be truly named and shamed. This should be the next #metoo movement and They Said To Me is on the front line calling the battle cry!

Doula Rant! Podcast

What are  Sam and Becki  ranting about now? And it is a rant, Find out on this bonus mini podcast episode…. You can Donate to support They Said To Me, you can Share Your Story, and access support and hire us to speak to groups of birth workers, midwives and student midwives.