Called My Husband

It’s some time ago, but do you remember when I was 38 weeks pregnant with A.
I was sent to hospital by the midwives to check his position?

The person doing the scan found he was head down (yay) but measured him without my consent.

I was then sent straight to see a consultant and threatened that I had to have a GTT and when I politely declined, I was told that I was risking my baby being still born.

I walked out and ended up doing my own blood sugar monitoring for a week with a loaned monitor, everything was fine, but the hospital also spoke to my husband on the phone and gave the same threat about the harm I was likely doing to my baby. The stress and angst they caused was incredible.

I’m 5’9, my husband is 5’10, C was 8lb 7 and A was 9lb 11 in the end.

Born at home in water, no complications.

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