Consultant didn’t listen

I suffer very severe SPD and have safely received early inductions due to it with my other children before COVID-19. It takes well over a year of constant physio to get to a point of normality afterwards.

My specialist team and I were in agreement that the same birth management should happen but needed the consultant to sign off. The first appointment the consultant left me waiting an hour in reception then went home and left me knowing I was there and in agony from waiting.

The rescheduled telephone appointment he rang two weeks early out of the blue informing me on the voicemail I had been discharged from consultant care. I rang back and he refused to speak to me as I had been discharged, no more information.

The midwife who spoke to me said I needed no more information other than what he said as he was happy with the outcome. She told me though an induction wouldn’t be given because of a new policy having only just come into affect the day before where there are no more early inductions and baby is prioritised over any of my needs. And not to bother them again as they are very busy with other patients… “not just you”.

Specialist team demanded another appointment with them there this time jointly. Consultant rang early without the team there, he said he did not want them on the call and he didn’t think they were needed.

When the appointment time came the specialist team didn’t know that the call had already been made. I did get an induction date in end but not early because consultant would only agree to that. I had my other babies 3 weeks ago by now. I live in extra hell everyday and feel like I am dying. Painkillers don’t work anymore, I can’t walk, I can’t toilet properly. I have no quality of life, I don’t think I will get better this time.

The specialist team thinks it will be permanent damage, the extent of which is unknown. Somehow when I go in I am expected to get myself through a 15 minute walk from the entrance to the ward door with my bags, no help from staff and have to be alone without partner or family to help because of COVID-19. I will be stuck at the entrance on the induction day because I physically can’t take myself or even my bag to the ward alone.

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