Do As You Are Told

Mine is in reference to my last birth (third baby) which was an induction at 42 weeks.

I’m only petite and I had frequently said I felt my baby was large (for me).

As with all my births I was made to deliver on a bed on my back again, whilst in transition I was really struggling with pain and begged to move around and deliver upright but I was told “No do as you are told and push, stop screaming and messing about”.

She also took my gas and air away from me because “I wasn’t doing as I was told and I needed to get this baby out” in between all that she held my legs against the bed because “they aren’t open wide enough”.

Once he was born and weighed the midwives both gasped and said “9lb 2 wow no wonder you were screaming the place down”.

It was the most horrendous experience ever and now I’m pregnant with number 4, I will never birth in a hospital again.

I feel incredibly sad about that experience and it’s due to that I’m determined to birth at home and why I follow your pages – thank you for what you do. x

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