Episiotomy With No Discussion

I opened my eyes after hypnobirthing through a surge towards the end of the 2nd stage of labour, literally 5 minutes before my baby was born, to see a doctor (who I didn’t even know had been brought into the room) at the end of the bed wielding the episiotomy instruments.

There had been zero discussion of this.

The midwife was poised, clip/screw in hand, heading towards putting it inside my vagina and into baby’s scalp, as she mentioned it for the first time.

(I had the ctg on, there had been no decelerations at all, just not picking up the heart rate consistently because baby was almost born and thus very low down in my pelvis, I hadn’t even been 30mins in 2nd stage).

I went absolutely mental, shouting, I did not consent to either and “luckily” they didn’t touch me.

But it shouldn’t have been happening at all.

It wouldn’t have been informed consent, it was “I’m just putting the clip onto baby’s head”.

That is not consent.

The same midwife also vigorously rubbed baby against my wishes, and tried to immediately clamp and cut his cord and take him to the recussitaire despite him being pink and crying (APGAR 9 at birth) and it being explicitly written and verbalise that I did not want the cord cut and I wanted immediate uninterrupted skin to skin.

I grabbed my baby before they could do anything, and the paeds doctor was more than happy to carry out observations with him skin to skin on me (he’d had thick meconium but was fine).

I’m so glad I knew enough and had confidence in my rights to stop them from unnecessary and traumatic intervention, but I shouldn’t have had to stop them, it shouldn’t have happened at all.

That midwife shouldn’t be allowed to do her job.

Despite the birth being physically incredibly straightforward, the way I was treated and how close they came to doing physical damage has really affected me psychologically.

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