Every Reason Not To Homebirth

I was under consultant led care for a couple of reasons, one of the reasons meant I had regular scans at a different hospital to my booking hospital as they had a specialist unit.

Once signed off there and having a check in back at my booking hospital towards the end of my pregnancy the appointment was all near done and dusted, she closed my notes and realised the front said home birth. She scoffed, I confirmed I would be having a home birth. She reopened my notes.

So here comes every reason under the sun that I absolutely cannot have a home birth.

She first got stuck on the idea that baby was breech, baby was not breech she was looking at an old scan from twenty something weeks, then it was baby will be too small, baby was not too small, I had regular scans and baby was exactly what he should be, then it was the placenta WILL clot and fail, not might, will. It could happen anytime. This did scare me in the moment. Wouldn’t it anyone?

She booked me a scan, when I was still asking questions, I wanted more details. She wrote a bunch of different injections and tablets I will definitely need after the birth or I will die from clots.

She went to confirm with a colleague, came back some minutes later and crossed all those notes out. So I don’t need anything? She couldn’t confirm, I’d need to be tested after the birth. (I was never tested, it didn’t come up again).

Back to the scan date, it doesn’t line up with my consultant hours, so after the scan I would have to go straight up to triage.

This was my second pregnancy, triage does not hold happy memories for me and suddenly I’m fully panicking, I’m not happy and I think she’s trapping me into an induction.

I question her more. I argue the studies supporting home birth as safer, she says it’s up to me ultimately but I may feel differently after the scan and a word with another doctor who will tell me exactly the same as her, baby will die, I will die. They’d rather I was in hospital.

I never had that scan. I got a second opinion from a more experienced consultant, she looked at my notes, thoroughly, and supported my choice for a home birth and agreed there was no point in more scans.

I know I didn’t need the consultants approval for a home birth but I came away scared and exhausted, questioning everything I knew and everything that had happened after the appointment with the other doctor.

Having the backing of my midwife and this consultant helped me relax again. Baby was born at home, perfectly healthy, as was the large placenta.

More information and support for home birth can be had in the Home Birth Support Group UK.

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