Excellent Mental Health Support. Huh!

Hey! I’m so glad I found your page. So many experiences of others are validating my own trauma… I was coerced into an induction as my baby apparently had static growth, with no information as to the risks of this and I was very much under the impression I didn’t have any choice.

During the birth itself, I was the told by one midwife to ‘shut up and push, your screaming isn’t doing shit’ and then my labour wasn’t progressing as I ‘wasn’t trying hard enough’.

I explicitly told the midwives I’m a sexual assault survivor and needed to be told what was happening at all times – needless to say I was repeatedly examined without consent. I was dissociating during birth like I had done during the sexual assault… like my mind wasn’t present in the situation.

My husband was advocating for me and getting increasingly angry at doctors who were performing vaginal examinations without consent. 2 weeks after birth when the community midwife came to discharge me I was crying and she asked what was wrong.

I said I keep playing over and over in my mind the birth. She said ‘What? You’re still sad about that? But look at your baby – he’s perfectly fine! Get over it now!’ Excellent mental health support huh?

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