Felt Like A Criminal

I am type 1 diabetic.

Throughout my whole pregnancy things weren’t brilliant I kept doing what they suggested and nothing was changing.

They made me feel like a criminal.

At a 32 week scan they again told me I needed to eat less carbs the baby was too big I needed to change what I was doing.

I was barely eating at all.

At 34 weeks they scanned me again and told me there was some improvement but my baby was showing signs of “babies that just die in the womb” and they wanted me to be induced.

I’d need steroids. Come back Monday. This was Wednesday.

I spent 4 days terrified my baby would die.

After I had the baby I wanted to breastfeed.

The midwife told me not to bother as “they’re going to want you to give him bottles for the blood sugar tests so they know how much he’s had” I didn’t even try. I didn’t know I could say no and I’m so angry with myself.

West Suffolk hospital – Bury St Edmunds

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