Free Bikini Wax

I’ve been reading all the posts since I found your Facebook page and I feel so angry at what women are subjected to at one of the most vulnerable times of their life- bullying, coercion, gaslighting and downright, blatant abuse.

I certainly experienced some of this during my traumatic failed inductions, resulting in an emergency C-section with my daughter 3 years ago at the Royal Stoke University Hospital.

As I’ve been reading all the posts, some of the comments made to me during my ordeal and afterwards came flooding back, such as:

I’m a short lady with narrow hips and therefore tight down there anyway, so VEs were excruciating for me and most of the midwives understood this and tried to be as gentle as they could, offering me gas & air. However, whilst I was on the hospital bed with my feet in stirrups so the doctor could break my waters, all she did was keep scolding me throughout my pain, saying, ” Stop moving! I need you to relax and keep still!” I was so sick and spaced out from the gas & air, otherwise I would have screamed and swore at her or kicked her in the head; instead she got thoroughly soaked when my waters broke, as there was a lot…

Following being discharged on 19/7/2017, I ended up being readmitted to the hospital just over a week later with an infection in my C-section wound for IV antibiotic treatment. I saw the tissue viability team whilst there and could have happily slapped one lady for the following comment when they virtually ripped my dressing off to assess my wound: “There you go, a free bikini wax!” I still can’t believe their insensitivity or words to this day…

This isn’t my whole traumatic birth story, but the parts of it I remembered recently. Maybe one day I will be ready to write it all down or remember the whole thing; I’m considering a debrief for this reason.

Please share my story anonymously, but naming the hospital: I stand shoulder to shoulder with all the people who have posted and endured such harrowing experiences and abuse of power.

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