Get A Takeaway For Sepsis

What you are doing is absolutely wonderful.

Women within maternity care often never get to have their voices heard and it means so much to feel heard and to be heard.

It is crucial to be validated.

I was a senior Midwife, grade 3 placenta praevia, admitted on and off for bleeding.

Bed rest etc.

I was booked in at a hospital I was formerly a student Midwife at.

I was admitted final admission at 31 weeks with very heavy bleeding, uterine contractions with a closed cervix.

9 hours after admission, soaking through maternity pads I actually had to lose my shit and demand IV Hartmans.

I had to ask them to site an IV and cross match me 4 units.

Discussion outside the door, on labour ward, I overheard as the door was not entirely closed.

It was decided by the Registrar that I would be going to theatre but they are going to await the shift change over, it was 5.30 pm and the dinner food trolley was going around.

I declined the shepherd’s pie I was brought as I didn’t fancy aspirating it under a general anaesthetic.

I heard how they discussed me as “being difficult” and how I was “not being a patient”

My baby became compromised at 7.15pm as I had a sudden bleed of around 300mls.

Crash section on a foetal heart rate of 23bpm

My daughters Apgar’s, her blood gases…no documentation of them.

But I was cheerfully informed, rather excitedly that my placenta was piecemeal and the umbilical cord was narrower than a pinky fingernail.

It was such an excitement that my placenta or the bits of it were sent to pathology and we are going to keep it for educational purposes.

They left piecemeal placenta in me and when I told them on day 3 that I had horrendous scar pain, uterine pain, felt so desperately unwell, my lochia was rancid.

I could smell myself and when I cried after the Midwife laughed at me saying “I can’t give you any more pain relief, you are fatter now, have a shower, have a wash under that apron”.

When the Consultant popped round and said “Caroline you are not going to be one of these women who get all depressed are you?! You have a baby! Be happy!”

“Caroline it is a 3rd section, it’s going to smart a little, you know what you need,.. A takeaway!”. The midwife tells me to get a takeaway.

6hrs later I was in ITU battling sepsis.

Piecemeal placenta they didn’t get.

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