High BMI Means Spina Bifida

After my meeting with my consultant to discuss my birth plan (at which she said to me my BMI meant my baby would have Spina Bifida), she decided she wasn’t happy and emailed all the other consultants to voice her opinion on how it wasn’t allowed to go ahead and I had to be stopped (this is what my community midwife told me, she was fighting my corner at every turn).

I had the Director of Gynaecology phone me, trying to coerce me into another meeting to try and change my mind because apparently I didn’t understand the risks.

This was after an hour and a half meeting of me telling them the risks and I knew exactly what I was talking about.

It ended up taking a strongly worded email to the Director of Gynaecology for them to leave me alone.

It definitely shouldn’t be happening to people, imagine if it had happened to someone who was less stubborn than myself or even a first time mum who hadn’t done her research?

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