I Didn’t Need To Push

I’ve just discovered your account.

Thankyou for creating it and sharing. I’m passionate about women empowering and educating birthing people on their abilities, their choices and rights too.

This account really struck a cord for me, a flash back to my first born.

I was 18 & maybe some of the reason why and I was very calm and quiet in labour and birth.

After being laughed at and told I wouldn’t be birthing that night to being checked , 5/6cm & blue lighted to a consultant led ward, strapped to a monitor and placed on a bed within the hour, the midwife spent the rest of the time with her back to me doing paper work .

4 hours into labour I said I wanted gas and air, as it was intense all of a sudden, so she obliged then went and sat back down.

20 mins later I said I needed to push, without even turning or checking she told me I didn’t need to push – at this point my mother checked and informed the midwife that the baby was crowning and I most definitely did need to push!

She quickly attended!

Two pushes later and my son was delivered . I could extend and include so much more ! I’ve since had 3 home births each with their own narrative- but first home birth, a bba (birth before arrival), wasn’t believed and my 3rd homebirth was planned but bba and shocking 999 advice.

My story starts at Bournemouth Hospital and ends in Poole.

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