I Screamed And Told Her To Stop

I had my baby (first time mum) in August.

I had a second degree tear which required stitching.

My midwife wasn’t confident so she rang for a doctor. The doctor arrived with 6 other people who didn’t introduce themselves or ask to be in the room.

My legs were in stirrups with everyone staring at me. I asked for local anaesthetic for the stitches but she told me “be brave, you don’t need it”,

When she started stitching, I screamed and told her to stop, it was too painful. She “shushed” me like I was a baby and continued.

I had to take my foot out the stirrups (with difficulty as I had had an epidural) and use my foot to push her away from me to make her stop.

I refused to let her touch me again. The only up side was that the midwives were so horrified they let my husband (not my birth partner) sneak in to meet his son before I was transferred to the post partum ward.

It’s 1 month later now and I still have flashbacks and nightmares about that doctor.

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