Ignored Gallstones

Thank you for allowing women and people affected by mistreatment to have a voice and share their stories here. It’s taken me a few days to collect my thoughts but I have a couple.

Since 19 weeks I started suffering with severe upper abdominal pain to the point where I would pretty much pass out, and vomiting. The first time it happened I thought I was dying and had an ambulance out. This would last hours at a time and began happening more frequently. I asked for a scan of the area suspecting gallstones, they told me I had none.

I kept having attacks and ending up back in hospital. Nobody thought to double check my stomach. I had bloods taken and dismissed as having acid reflux and given gaviscon.

On one occasion the midwife seeing me wouldn’t answer my questions properly and told me she was at the end of her shift and needed to get home.

The day after being told to take gaviscon I had another major attack and called Labourline. They said coming in would be pointless as I “hadn’t given the gaviscon a chance to work yet”.

Turns out I did have evident gallstones – only discovered when I insisted they check after being induced at 37 weeks and being misdiagnosed with another condition. I later discovered I also had Pancreatitis.

The second was this:

Upon being induced at 37 weeks once the labour process had started, they told my husband waiting outside the hospital to go home because it wouldn’t be any time soon. An hour and a half later I was in so much pain and unable to resist pushing, when the midwives finally came three of them screamed at me not to push. It’s only then they checked how dilated I was and I’d gone from 3cm to 8 cm in less than an hour. My husband only just made it as I was going into the delivery room.

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