Ignored With Twins

I have an experience to share from my recent vaginal delivery of twins (babies number 3&4, previous two labours were vaginal, one of which was forceps and shoulder dystocia).

I was admitted to the antenatal ward with ruptured membranes at 35 weeks with mcda twins, following a short stay my waters went naturally and I started having contractions.

I was told I needed a VE to be admitted to delivery suite, upon completion of a painful VE I was told only fluid was visible and when I asked if I should call my husband I was told we don’t even know if your in labour yet.

I carried on and rang him anyway as I knew I was in labour, during the next half an hour I had 4 VE’s carried out because the first 2 attempts by one midwife were failed due to the pain, however in order for delivery to accept me they needed a confirmed speculum VE.

Following this a second midwife was brought in to try the VE as the 1st one felt “cruel” trying again.

I begged for gas and air and

They told me by the time they went down stairs and got it, it would be quicker to just get it done.

The second midwife was unsuccessful so they went for the consultant as the labour ward co-ordinator refused to take me despite being in labour 5 weeks early with twins, this I could not understand as i had an induction booked for a few days later which had to be started on the delivery suite due to twins rather than antenatal ward like the usual procedure.

Anyway, The consultant carried out a VE which was absolute agony, my entire body was tense I was having strong contractions, I screamed out for her to stop several times as it was horrendous, she said “your almost done just another 30 seconds” and continued with the examination, by this point I was in tears shouting stop all whilst in a bay with three other ladies.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, I suddenly felt the urge to push and was told I’m only 4cm dilated it’s too soon, rather than read my body they ignored my pleas to push and gave me no guidance through the transition, all this was happening whilst being wheeled through corridors and lifts to get to the delivery suite, within 5 minutes of arriving twin one was born.

Due to their misjudgement and ignorance I was not taken to the delivery suite quick enough so was not able to have the epidural, which was advised by my consultant in case twin 2 decided to move around and the doctor would have to manually get hold of twin 2 vaginally, fortunately for me this didn’t happen!

I felt like I was coerced, ignored and my twins put in danger all because the decision of the labour ward co-ordinator, the midwives who looked after me did not advocate for me or speak up on my behalf.

Thank you for the awareness you are raising around these issues x

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