Insensitive midwives!

I have so many examples of incompetency, violence and utterly ridiculous claims from my pregnancy, birth and post natal experiences – it’s really quite astonishing. I’m sure you’re not short of ‘material’ based on the level of incompetency across maternity care but here a few nuggets of nonsense from my own experience with the Bedfordshire community midwives:

“Oh you’re due on 26th June 2016? Better hope the baby doesn’t arrive on that date as it’ll have three 6’s in its birthday! 666! Devil child!” 🙄

“You’re very unlikely to get a home birth as a first time mum.” 🙄

“You’re vegan during pregnancy? I’ll refer you to the nutritionist as you’ll probably lose some teeth and your baby is likely to have growth problems in utero.” 🙄

No one offered assistance with breast feeding but on my notes the midwife had written “refused BF advice”. 🙄

During a routine pregnancy appointment: “Why are you always so upbeat and happy?” Sorry (not sorry) 🤷‍♀️🙄

Post birth I was having my stitches examined as they’d got infected. I spread my legs and the midwife said very loudly: ‘OH DEAR!’ 👌🏼🙄

I could go on but wow unbelievable.

Thanks for the work you do!!!

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