Made Fun Of

I was a student midwife at the end of my second year, I had delivered many babies and done many placement hours.

It was my first baby and I laboured at home no problem for 10 hours.

My waters broke and I started involuntary pushing at home, my husband called an ambulance because there was thick meconium, when the arrived they said “you wont have this baby until at least tomorrow” “have you never been on a ward before? you will learn” and other patronising demeaning comments while I couldn’t even talk back because I was pushing.

Then they stood outside the ambulance, after lying me on the bed and told me to pull my pants down because they need to see before they can drive.

I said he wasn’t crowning and they said they don’t care they need too look.
The ambulance door was wide open and they were standing outside on the street shouting at me.

I either had to do it or they wouldn’t help us.

Then I couldn’t lie flat because I was pushing so they forced me down and strapped me to the bed.

She carried on making fun of me the entire journey while the other just stayed quiet.

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