My Baby “HAS” Shoulder Dystocia

I am now 37 weeks and 6 days, I had a glucose test 2 weeks ago and was told last week that it was all clear and I can have my home birth.

I then get a phone call this week from the day unit to inform me I have gestational diabetes (GD) which myself and my midwife were puzzled about but after going in on Friday I was told it’s due to the new regulations – due to covid they had to rule that I have it even though in normal guidelines I wouldn’t.

I was then told that I can’t have a home birth and will need to have a hospital birth; a caesarean birth, as my baby has shoulder dystocia.

My question is can I still have a home birth if this is true as I’m currently getting conflicting messages with the consultant midwives some saying I still can and another saying no I need a c section??

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They Said To Me Says

You cannot predict shoulder dystocia and there are no new covid regulations saying you have to have a caesarean. This is ridiculous advice.

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