My Husband Missed Our Birth

Thank you so much for sharing all of these. Luckily I did a hypnobirthing programme and was prepared and headstrong about the kind of birth I wanted.

When I went in for an induction after my waters broke 24 hours before any other signs, upon finding I was already 2cm, my midwife said “oh we can go ahead and induce you anyway” to which I declined.

She then told me to stop making a fuss as I wasn’t in enough pain to be in labour, despite me explaining I had excellent coping techniques.

She tried to force pain medication on me despite me stating that I didn’t want any. Luckily, she was gone for so long when getting them that the supportive staff took over and comforted me, my baby was born peacefully 30 minutes later.

I wouldn’t have done it without the amazing support staff who rubbed my back, spoke to me soothingly and helped me on the birth ball.

My husband missed the birth as they sent him home claiming I would be “ages yet because its my first”. He is still traumatised about them calling him and shouting “look mate, I can see your babies head, get a move on” even though it was them that sent him home!

Neville Hall Hospital, Aneurin Bevan University Health Board

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