No More Bed Changes

Although I had a good birth I had a third degree tear,

At the point was wheeled on to the ward. I couldn’t move my legs at all as I had a spinal block for the stitches.

I was bleeding quite heavily at this point and in the time it took to transfer me back to the ward there was blood on the bed which was promptly changed.

I still had a catheter in and they did not turn the value correctly so it leaked on the bed, it was really wet really quickly. I asked for it to be changed (clearly) which took rather a long time waiting for someone to help me.

Still not being able to move or feel my legs at all even to shift myself up the bed.

About an hour later I noticed I was bleeding through again. I realised it was because I where I was helped to sit this had shifted the pad so it was offering no protection.

So I asked for a little help to move up the bed a bit and for a new sheet.

I was told in no uncertain terms that I would only receive (when someone was available) a new draw sheet and not a bed change as this was the third time my bed had needed changing.

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