No Partners On The Wards

I was outraged hearing an employee on a maternity ward spouting how much better it is now partners aren’t allowed on post natal wards.

How happier the mother’s are, how all the curtains are open and people are talking and generally how it is better.

They said they want to change it permanently to not allow partners.

I would have been absolutely broken without my partner! I’d refuse all hospital care if they manage to get away with changing it post covid.

They were talking about men on the wards being a pain and in the way and the mothers worrying about them and not their babies.

How can we expect men to stand up in society and be good fathers if we brandish them all like that and exclude them from their babies first moments.

The attitude makes me so angry.

With this in mind I believe they aren’t lifting their restrictions because it suits them. Easier life for them!

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