Not One Positive Word

I remember when I thought I had become pregnant after my 1st and being truly terrified!! Didn’t want to go through it all again and it was mostly my encounters with midwives.

Being told I couldn’t leave the hospital until I had my baby after a failed pessary and not wanting to go on the drip. I cried and pleaded with her but she just walked away.

When the midwife who broke my waters went to do it in the middle of a contraction I closed my legs and she said to me ‘how am I meant to do it if you’re going to get on like that’ and telling my husband he couldn’t sit on the bed as there was noravirus in the hospital.

After my baby was born by caesarean section I remember pressing the call button for help and no one coming. Being told that if I wanted to go home the next day I would have to do more for myself (resulting in busting stitches). When I had my 2nd I had so much encouragement from midwives but not one positive word was said to me in 48hrs of labour with my 1st.

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