OMG Are You Mad

When I went in for the “appointment” to try to be basically coerced into having the section today, I was met by a midwife? on the reception desk as we walked in. She made some choice comments to my partner!

“What are you here for”, “oh an appointment because you’ve declined your section Friday”…. “why have you done that?”

“Because I want to labour/birth at home.”

“Omg are you mad? Is this your first? It’s normally first time mums that are the difficult picky ones and want home births”

“Right… no it’s not my first it’s my third. I have 2 boys.”

“OMG and you want more? Is this one a boy too?”


“URRRGGGHHH 3 boys, bugger that!!! Imagine 3 boys???” Are you stopping at 3? Can I touch your bump?”

“Erm.. well ..”

*puts hand on bump


😐 professional, right?

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