Ordered To Say Hello

They told me to say hello.

My anaesthetist, come to administer an epidural, stood there and waited for me to greet him in the manner he expected. “Say hello!” Because apparently a wave wasn’t enough while I was mid contraction.

Then he proceeded to tell me why it wasn’t an issue if my baby had a growth restriction because white babies were too fat these days. If it was a brown baby no one would care.

As they inserted the needle into my back, the midwife asked what was wrong with my back?! I told her I had bad acne due to the pregnancy hormones. She remarked she’s never seen anything so bad, which horrified me because I had been so embarrassed by it.

We discovered later my placenta wasn’t performing properly and my baby was born 2.1kg at full term and spent time in special care. And my acne cleared up 2 days later.

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