She Didn’t Want A VE

I was caring for a VBAC mama.

Previous caesarean section for failure to progress, the synthetic hormone just did not touch her, the medicine just never worked on her.

Fast forward to second baby, exact same scenario as the first. Plus relatively new Registrar on shift.

The mama was going through the motions of the induction when I met her in the evening. Her waters had been broken and she had a fair few hours to see if things got started.

They didn’t, so after a discussion she wanted the hormone drip to start but didn’t want a vaginal examination.

I totally agreed and followed her – she was not showing any further signs of labour progressing so, therefore, the management would not have altered with that vaginal examination.

Low and behold the Reg thought she needed one and the Band 7 went to discuss with her the needs for one – totally undermining any conversation that had been had by the mama and me.

The mama said she would think about it, and then later said to me in private I don’t want one. We never did one.

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