A Public Voice For All The Hidden Victims

Anything that blows the lid open on this whole unsavoury business is a good thing and They Said To Me is making an important contribution. I hope more and more comments will be tagged to the service that spawned them so that services can be truly named and shamed. This should be the next #metoo movement and They Said To Me is on the front line calling the battle cry!

When Choice Is Not A Choice

I had a diagnosed extended breech baby in 2016. I was an otherwise fit and healthy first time mum with no other pregnancy complications. I was told by several consultants I should have a caesarean or my baby’s head could get stuck and they might die and birthing vaginally was risking my baby’s life. I

No Partners On The Wards

I was outraged hearing an employee on a maternity ward spouting how much better it is now partners aren’t allowed on post natal wards. How happier the mother’s are, how all the curtains are open and people are talking and generally how it is better. They said they want to change it permanently to not

What They Didn’t Say

I was heartbroken and 3 years later I still feel completely betrayed by them. My daughter was a quick 6-hour start to finish induction that ended in forceps; during which I felt uncared for and not listened to.

Researching Mothers, as a Mother – with Laura

In this episode of the Birth Activist Podcast, Sam and Becki are joined by Laura to talk about her work with refugees and asylum seekers, and in particular the research work she has done interviewing ‘displaced’ mothers. We tackle sensitive issues such as racism, racial bias and colourism. Here is a link to her research