The Consultant Said

My latest (I’ve had 7 babies already and have so many things I could tell you over my pregnancies and births it’s shocking)

Latest, I’m pregnant with DCDA twins. Consultant called me for a 16 week appointment.

Consultant ‘You’ll HAVE to take blood thinning injections from 28 weeks because you’re at risk of a blood clot because it’s twins and you have a high bmi’.

Me ‘thanks for mentioning it I’ll do my research and make an informed decision’.

Consultant ‘you’ll also be having a GTT at 26 weeks’.

Me ‘well I have consented yes!’.

Consultant ‘you’ll need continual monitoring of both babies when giving birth’.

Me ‘I don’t feel that’s necessary I’ll have intermittent monitoring thanks’.

Consultant ‘if twin 1 is breech then you’ll have a c-section!’.

Me ‘no, I’ll give birth breech vaginally there’s no reason why not’.

At no point at all did this consultant ask me what my preferences were, or ask me if I consented. It was worded that I had to do whatever they said and not made clear at all that I had choices. Thankfully I’m very informed and aware of my rights but I fear so much for other women who aren’t as aware as I am or feel as confident to be able to speak up for themselves.

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