Tubed Without Consent

My twins were due to be induced at 37+4, the consultant decided to being it forward to 35+2.

The night before my section I had a few twinges, unbeknown to me I was having contractions.

When I arrived a midwife in a very snotty tone said did you not think to come in instead of staying at home?!

Luckily she was moved elsewhere.

My husband was sent home an hour after my section. When I went up to the ward, there was minimal help.

At 6.30pm 2 midwives made me get out the bed and go to the toilet, even though I was screaming in pain.

They then left me there to make my own way back.

My twins were slow drinkers but they still drank which I was happy with.

The MW said NICU needed to assess them as they weren’t drinking 30ml within 15minutes.

At less than 24 hours old and nearly 5 weeks premature! Said they would need an NG tube.

I refused as didn’t feel it necessary but agreed for them to be assessed under strict instructions that they do not insert any tubes!

They came back 20 minutes later with an NG tube in and it broke my heart that they didn’t listen to me as a mom.

They kept taking them away to feed them when I was in the bathroom/sleeping so I couldn’t object.

In the end I wouldn’t leave them.

I had one MW who was amazing and told me to stand my ground so I refused after that for anyone to come near them.

This MW would also help bottle feed them, she and one maternity support officer were the only two.

She sent someone in to help with a feed as she was busy, this girl was no older than 18, the girls were still slow feeding.

She told me I would learn to be a good mom.

I have never felt so upset. Had I have been a first time mom this could have been detrimental to my mental health. It was an awful experience.

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