Unconsented Caesarean Preparation

Second pregnancy wanted a VBAC. Had growth scan at 39 weeks and was told had a big baby.

Waters had gone so told to stay in hospital. Visited by 4 consultants in the space of 4 hours telling me I should have a caesarean because baby was big.

I told them the baby wasn’t as big as they thought.

One consultant said I would damage my baby if I attempted a vaginally birth because he was so big and how would I live with that.

I was still determined for VBAC convinces he wasn’t that big. I started contracting spontaneously overnight.

One midwife snuck into my room to tell me I shouldn’t let them rail road me into a caesarean.

At handover they gave me the elective caesarean midwife to care for me.

Subtly getting me ready for a caesarean section- gown, shave etc. I asked what if this baby wasn’t as big as they thought.

They said the scan couldn’t be wrong.

I’d still not consented.

With all the ‘what ifs’ playing in my mind I eventually gave in to what they wanted.

I had a caesarean and he was born over 1.5lbs lighter than they predicted.

Being in theatre retriggered trauma from my first birth and my mental health was significantly effected for the majority of the perinatal period.

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