Early Pregnancy Unit

This time last year I had 3 positive pregnancy tests all different brands.

Then a week later started bleeding.

Got sent to an early pregnancy unit, had bloods taken and then taken in with a doctor and nurse for vaginal examinations and swabs, without my husband as he simply wasn’t invited into the room.

The examination was very painful and feeling anxious and scared I began to cry which made it worse.

Through tears, I asked them to stop quite a few times, it then seemed like they continued roughly taking the swabs before they stopped.

After this ordeal the doctor checked the system for my blood results that came back as no traces of pregnancy.

Had she checked before the awful examination I wouldn’t have had to go through it.

She then kept repeating “you’re not pregnant. I’m sorry” even when I asked for an explanation on the positive tests, she continued to patronisingly repeat herself.

A month later I fell pregnant and again had bleeding, I was signposted to this same unit but couldn’t bring myself to go back there (waited for the Monday morning to speak to GP) luckily all was fine.

I often think about how unkind and insensitive that early pregnancy unit was. 😞

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