What They Didn’t Say

My first pregnancy: I was deemed “low risk” throughout and planned a homebirth. However after a low fundal height measurement I was sent for a scan at 38 weeks, and was repeated at 40 weeks. The centile dropped from 15th to 10th between the two so I was booked to see the consultant. He glanced over my scan, wrote some bits on his computer and then printed me off an appointment for my induction; there was no discussion, no consent, no reasoning other than “your baby isn’t growing so you need to be induced”.

I didn’t know I could say no, no one even discussed what this meant with me. I cried to my midwife when I got home, but even when I asked if I could still homebirth she just said I wasn’t allowed.

I was heartbroken and 3 years later I still feel completely betrayed by them. My daughter was a quick 6-hour start to finish induction that ended in forceps; during which I felt uncared for and not listened to; I had an episiotomy that me and my partner don’t remember consenting to and I am very certain I was not given pain relief prior to it as it was the most painful thing I have ever experienced.

I’m pregnant again now and know my rights much more and so will not be pushed into any decision without appropriate discussion. It’s sad that it takes a pregnancy before women begin to think about what their rights might be.

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