You Can’t Be In Labour

I was induced at 40+11. In hindsight I should never have consented, but I was uninformed and they used scary words like ‘risk of life to mother and baby’.

I was taken in for my induction at 4pm on the Sunday, due to other ongoing emergencies I wasn’t seen until 10pm.

That night my partner was sent home and I tried to get some sleep on a rather uncomfortable bed.

I should say at this point if I was induced at 40+10 I was allowed to go home as an outpatient, because that was not convenient for me so I consented to 40+11 but they would not let me go home.

Nothing much happened until midday the following day. By about 4pm my waters had well and truly gone.

I called the midwife, she told me it was probably just discharge it can’t have been my waters. I said I know it’s my waters I can literally wring these shorts out, she said I didn’t know what I was talking about. By 6pm I was starting to get really uncomfortable and insisting I was indeed in labour.

The midwives dismissed me. I was not to be considered to move to the labour ward (Midwife Led Unit truly off the cards for me since I was induced) because it was only 6pm, and they only check patients at 12 hour intervals.

At 10am they had checked me – nothing to report. I wasn’t due to be checked again until 10pm – and as such, I couldn’t possibly be in labour, since the clock said I wasn’t. At last, my partner got very firm with them and eventually around 8pm they moved me because ‘oh my, you’re 6cms, you are in active labour’ 2 hours ahead of schedule – who’d have thought…

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