You Just Weed Yourself

It’s horrible to see how many bad experiences everyone has!

Mine seems nothing in comparison to some but thought I’d share with you.

I was 36+4 weeks and woke as my waters broke in bed (a gigantic puddle)

When we arrived I was told “you just weed yourself, if you think your in labour you need to have a VE first” I was examined and it made me throw up, when my husband told the midwife he was told “yeah it happens to a lot”.

Fast forward to once we had our baby a few hours later they took him “for a quick check” and never came back, when we asked where he was we was told he is now staying in the special baby unit, we quickly asked to be shown where he was!

From start to finish it was a horrible experience and makes me upset to think about it.

We were in for just over a week as baby needed blood tests and they repeatedly took too long to send them off so they were invalid. Poor baby had so many heal pricks marks. My next baby I refused to go there again and went to another and had an amazing experience!

They Said To Me

There is no story too big or small for this page and this is a horrendous one – imagine not knowing your baby has been taken to special care, where no doubt interventions happened you did not know about, nor had the opportunity to give informed consent to.

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