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Ignored Gallstones

Thank you for allowing women and people affected by mistreatment to have a voice and share their stories here. It’s taken me a few days to collect my thoughts but I have a couple. Since 19 weeks I started suffering with severe upper abdominal pain to the point where I would pretty much pass out,

Ignored With Twins

I have an experience to share from my recent vaginal delivery of twins (babies number 3&4, previous two labours were vaginal, one of which was forceps and shoulder dystocia). I was admitted to the antenatal ward with ruptured membranes at 35 weeks with mcda twins, following a short stay my waters went naturally and I

Free Bikini Wax

I’ve been reading all the posts since I found your Facebook page and I feel so angry at what women are subjected to at one of the most vulnerable times of their life- bullying, coercion, gaslighting and downright, blatant abuse. I certainly experienced some of this during my traumatic failed inductions, resulting in an emergency

Made Fun Of

I was a student midwife at the end of my second year, I had delivered many babies and done many placement hours. It was my first baby and I laboured at home no problem for 10 hours. My waters broke and I started involuntary pushing at home, my husband called an ambulance because there was

Left Alone And Burned

I still find it hard to come to terms with how awful my experience of labour was with Averly. From planning a home birth (lasted 2days) to then having no choice but to go into hospital as my waters had gone and was at risk of myself and baby getting an infection and I could

Called My Husband

I was then sent straight to see a consultant and threatened that I had to have a GTT and when I politely declined, I was told that I was risking my baby being still born.

Clear Racism

With my first child (who is now 3) the community midwife measured me incorrectly for weeks in my final trimester, I had preclampsia and my blood pressure shot up. During week 37 they admitted me to the hospital and I had a doctor come in and look at me saying “OH MY GOD! For a