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10 months ago

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10 months ago


Graphic obstetric abuse.

10 months ago
Samantha Gadsden Doula

This is a beautiful heartbreaking article with one of my clients being interviewed, I couldn't be there either, which I know isn't as important as having your partner there - but I find incredibly ... See more

11 months ago
The Birth Activists

There are no words for how sad this makes us and how much it gives us the rage.

Our heart goes out to you and your husband @sineadhingston ❤

This is NOT OK 😪

I can sit and have lunch with my husband for over an hour without wearing a mask, but he couldn’t ... See more

11 months ago
Milk and Motherhood

Great post from Milk and Motherhood.

She's much more eloquent than me.

My youngest - bearing in mind I triandem fed - fed for 18 hours a day - all the time.

What I would like to say to whoever ... See more

So tell me: For how many hours of every day should we stare adoringly at our babies in order to be deemed a 'good mother'?

If my baby feeds 10 times a day for 45-60minutes, must I gaze at him the ... See more

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